What Does the X Mean on Snapchat?

What Does the X Mean on Snapchat?

If you use Snapchat frequently then you might have seen an x icon next to a friend’s name or in a discussion and wondered, what does the x mean on Snapchat? Depending on the circumstances the X on Snapchat frequently has different meanings. One of its main applications is as a sign for dismissing and closing information. Tapping the x in response to a snap from a buddy lets them know you have seen it but have decided not to respond to it.

It’s also important to remember that X plays a versatile and important role in Snapchat’s user interface as it appears in various places throughout the app, each serving a unique purpose.

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Meaning of X on Snapchat

A friend request from someone is shown by an X next to their name. So don’t confuse yourself by searching for ”what the X means on Snapchat”?The X ought to vanish once you accept a friend request, and you should now have them on the friend list.

However, if an x appears on the person’s name to whom you chatted before then it means that person has unfriended you.The X could show up in addition to a friend invitation when a Snapchat user deleted you or another person from a friend list.

In some cases the camera icon in Snapchat can be changed by an X icon then you can restart your device to fix this bug and glitch issue.

Does the X Mean on Snapchat Someone Blocked You?

No, the X on Snapchat doesn’t mean that someone blocked you. It simply means that a friend request has been sent but not yet added to the friend list. In some cases, if you have been chatting with someone and suddenly see X next to your username then it means that person has unfriended you.If you have been blocked on Snapchat then it automatically unfriends you.

You can see an X next to their name on the chat box if they choose to unblock you and send you a friend request again. Moreover, if you haven’t chatted or been friends with the user previously on Snapchat, an X next to their name just means that they added you as a friend rather than that you have been blocked or unadded.

The Icons on the Snapchat Screen

Snapchat has many significant icons to represent features on the chat screen which is followed by millions of users. Some common feature and their indication are discussed below:

Gray X

This is occasionally shown on your screen when a friend requests to send but yet not receive it.

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Chat Icon

It is located at the bottom left of the camera screen and helps you to send and receive videos, messages, and photos.

Notification Icon

Many icons may appear on the top right or top left on the camera screen. It indicates the notification of friend requests, chat messages, and new snaps.

Red Arrow

When you send a snap without audio to your friend then you may see a red arrow.

Blue Arrow

When you only send a chat message to your friend then you often see a blue arrow.

Sticker Icon

The sticker icon resembles the square of a folded corner, on the top right corner of the camera helps you to add stickers to your snaps.

Purple Arrow

When you sent a snap with audio you indicated a purple arrow on your camera screen.

How to Get Rid of X on Snapchat?

If you are a Snapchat lover then sometimes you face x on the interface of a friends list and wonder what does the x means on Snapchat .Depending on where it appears within the app, such as on the friend list or chat tab this x may represent different things.

Click on the person’s name with the x icon. If they have requested to be your friend, then choose the option on Snapchat to accept or reject friend requests. If they unadded you, you can add them again by clicking +Add next to their username. The X icon will vanish if you accept their friend request or they accept yours.

Steps to Remove the X Icon from Snapchat

You may have seen a gray X and knock about, what does the X means on Snapchat? And how to remove it. This X can have different meanings depending on the location where it is found, such as on a chat tab or a friend list.

You can use the following steps to remove the X icon from your Snapchat:

1-Where is the X Icon Located?

Check if the X is showing next to a particular conversation, on your chat tab, or in your friend list. This will enable you to comprehend its significance and the appropriate action to take.

2-Add or Remove Friends from Friends list

It is also shown that X appear next to the name of those friends who sent you a friend request. When you accept or reject their request then this Grey X will automatically remove in front of your friend’s name.

3-Pending Message

Sometimes a pending message also become a source of X presence. In this situation, simply tap on Grey X. When you do this then two options will appear next whether to send a message or delete.

4-Explicit Chat

Mostly clear conversation is one of the best option to get rid of X icon next to particular name. In such circumstances, explicit chat by swiping left in chat option and choose Clear. You can see x removed from your friend’s name.
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Can I Message Someone With an X Next to Their Name?

It doesn’t mean that someone blocks you but it typically means that you haven’t accepted their friend request yet or that they have unfriended you. You won’t be able to message them until they befriend you or you agree to their request before you can send them Snaps and chat.
There may occasionally be a gray X next to a user’s name. If you are sure that you have accepted their friend request but you continue to see this sign, they may have removed you from their Snapchat friend list.


The X symbol next to a Snapchat username has a different meaning depending on the context. If it appears next to a pending friend request then it simply means that you haven’t added them to your buddy list. When you see it next to your friend’s list name then it simply means that person has not added you to the friend list.

In a way, Snapchat X symbolizes the core values of services such as arousing interest, fostering connection, and promoting further interaction. It acts as a digital metaphor for the constantly changing nature of social media communication, where meaning can simultaneously be both plain and cryptic.


Q1.How long does it take a Snapchat message to display the X?

As soon as the receiver receives the message Snap X displays the message in Snapchat. When the receiver views your text then it will be removed quickly.

Q2. Can I still open a snap with X on it?

No, When you see the X on a snap, it indicates that the content has either expired or the receiver has read it. If X sign displays it shows that it can’t be accessible and opened again.

Q3.What is the difference between red X and gray X on Snapchat?

If a snap or message you have sent hasn’t reached its intended recipient then you will see a red X display on screen. On the other hand, a gray X means that the receiver has opened the snap or message but hasn’t ye see or not clicked on it to view.


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