How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails Safely At Home

How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails Safely At Home

Regular dog nail cutting is an important aspect of grooming that must be done. Long nails can be extremely painful and negatively affect your dog’s quality of life. All Pet owners should be capable of trimming their dogs’ nails. Read this guide to learn how to properly cut your dog’s nails at home. Taking good care of the nails on your dog is crucial to their overall health. With our easy-to-follow method, you and your cherished dog can enjoy a hassle-free nail trim.

Making Your Dog Comfortable

The most important thing to do is to make sure your dog is comfortable by holding their paws gently and carefully. Make them accustomed to the sounds of taking care of and trimming tools by demonstrating them. As you move the clippers within their fingers, help them become accustomed to the feeling. Given that your dogs may become anxious due to this, use tasty dog training treats to help them stay calm. As you practice each of the stages, remember to give your dog a reward to show encouragement.

Making Your Dog Comfortable
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What to use?

Selecting the appropriate trimmers that fit your dog’s size and style is crucial to a positive nail-cutting experience.

  • Groom small dogs and puppies with scissor-style clips.
  • Large nail clippers work best for medium- and large-sized dogs.
  • Keep corn flour or styptic powder handy should their nails start to bleed.

A good general rule of thumb is to trim your dog’s nails every month or whenever they are sharp. Also, make sure that dog’s nails never meet the ground. Otherwise, they will keep growing until they curl inward or, worse, outward. Long nails can cause discomfort for your dog as they reduce traction, increasing the risk of slips and falls. Dogs may develop paw pads with these issues, causing pain, infection, and increased risk of breaking or peeling off. It’s about time for a nail trim if you hear the nails of your dog clicking on the floor.

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Correct length for a dog’s nails

When a dog runs on hard surfaces, its nails will clack, indicating that they are too long. It’s easy to determine if your dog’s nails are excessively long. When standing, the claws shouldn’t touch the ground or extend past the pad.

Where to trim?

Due to the “quick” vein in dog nails, paw parents must use extreme caution when trimming their nails. Thus, the objective is to trim the nails just short without causing any bleeding.

  • On many nails, the portion that can become safely cut is significantly thinner than the remainder of the nail.
  • If your dog’s nails are white in color, just refrain from cutting the pink portion of the nail.
  • Always cut a small portion at a time when cutting black nails. The inner part of the nail is going to look white and chalky as you approach the quick. As soon as you notice a black dot in the exact center of a white area, stop trimming.

How to cut your dog’s nails the right way?

  • Create a comfortable and peaceful setting for your dog’s nail-clipping appointment, similar to what this Instagram video shows.
  • To keep your dog busy, always have some soft dog treats or lip-smacking puppy chew sticks available.
  • Angle the nail cutter at a 45° angle and begin with one paw. Reduce the size of the nails, then immediately give them treats.
  • Follow these steps again but pay special attention to the quick.
  • For outstanding effects, apply paw balm once all of the nails have been neatly clipped.

Cutting Dark Claws

The inability to see quickly is an issue when nails are dark. Make multiple tiny cuts on dark claws to lessen the possibility of inadvertently severing the quick. Continue to check the tip of the dog’s nail as you cut. Keep an eye out for a dark area in the center of the freshly clipped edge as you continue cutting. The live quick begins in this shadowy area. Other useful tips for trimming nails in the dark include.

  • Shine a torch or other bright light in your direction and through the nail.
  • The quick is frequently easier to see on the underneath of the nail; try looking there.
  • Bathing can help make the quick more visible and facilitate nail cutting.
  • Using baby oil will accomplish the same thing.

Trim Your Dog’s Claws Regularly

Most of the dogs dislike having their nails clipped. Using gentle pressure and praise is an effective strategy to help your dog become accustomed to handling their paws. Move cautiously, it’s not necessary to complete every claw in a single session. It’s crucial to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Put it in your calendar if you think you might forget. Include your dog’s foot examination in your regular health regimen. Having long nails, your dog may experience other painful conditions such as infections and broken or ingrown nails. Hence, you can maintain the best possible condition for your dog’s feet with a little effort and know-how.


Cutting your puppy’s nails should be associated with dog treats because this will benefit your dog. If your pet has dewclaws, remember to take care of them. Since they are rarely in contact with the ground, they have a tendency to grow long. If you fail to clip them, they will eventually grow back into the dog’s foot, which can be quite uncomfortable. Regular dog grooming is essential, and you ought to always ask professional groomer for assistance if you are still having trouble. If you have no idea how to properly trim your dog’s nails, then never try by yourself.


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