CudaText Crack Free Download

CudaText Crack Free Download

CudaText is a powerful cross-platform text editor designed for professional coding. It offers fast startup speed, even with numerous plugins enabled. Its extensibility through Python add-ons allows developers to enhance its functionality. With support for over 180 languages, comprehensive syntax highlighting, and automatic keyphrase detection, CudaText provides convenient and flexible coding options. Overall, it is a reliable and versatile text and code editor with extensive language support and fast performance.


1. Syntax highlights for a lot of languages

With support for over 270 lexers, CudaText provides syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages. This feature makes code more readable and easier to understand.

2. Code tree

The code tree feature displays the structure of functions, classes, and other code elements (if supported by the lexer). This allows for easy navigation and understanding of the code’s organization.

3. Code folding

CudaText enables code folding, which allows you to collapse and expand sections of code. This feature helps declutter the workspace and allows you to focus on specific parts of the code.

4. Multi-carets and multi-selections

With multi-caret and multi-selection support, you can place multiple carets in different locations within the code and make simultaneous selections. This enables you to edit or delete multiple instances of a word or phrase simultaneously, improving productivity.

5. Find/Replace with regular expressions

CudaText provides find/replace functionality with support for regular expressions. Regular expressions allow for powerful and flexible search and replace operations based on specific patterns or criteria.

6. Configs in JSON format

CudaText allows you to customize various settings using JSON format configuration files. This includes lexer-specific configurations, allowing for fine-tuning of the editor to match specific programming languages or file types.

7. Tabbed UI

CudaText features a tabbed user interface, allowing you to work with multiple files within the same editor window. Tabs provide easy switching and navigation between open files.

8. Split view

The split view feature enables you to divide the editor window into primary and secondary views. You can split the window into 2, 3, 4, or 6 groups of tabs, providing a flexible layout for comparing or working with multiple files simultaneously.

9. Command palette

CudaText includes a command palette with fuzzy matching, allowing you to quickly access various commands and functions within the editor.

10. Minimap

The minimap provides a visual representation of the entire document, allowing you to navigate and scroll through the code easily.

11. Features for HTML/CSS coding

The editor provides specific features tailored for HTML/CSS coding, including smart auto-completion for HTML and CSS, HTML tag completion with the Tab key (Snippets plugin), underline for HTML colour codes (#rgb, #rrggbb), and the ability to display images (jpeg/png/gif/BMP/Rico) within the editor area.

12. Tooltips

CudaText displays tooltips when the mouse hovers over picture tags, entities, and colour values, providing additional information and context.

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What’s new: Comparison CudaText and CudaText

1. Syntax highlighting for 270+ lexers

Version offers syntax highlighting support for a wide range of programming languages, which can enhance code readability and make it easier to identify different elements within the code.

2. Code tree and code folding

The inclusion of a code tree allows for a structured view of functions, classes, and other code elements. Code folding enables collapsing and expanding sections of code, making it convenient to navigate and focus on specific parts of the code.

3. Multi-caret and multi-selection

The ability to use multiple carets and make simultaneous selections can significantly speed up editing tasks, allowing you to edit multiple instances of a word or phrase simultaneously.

4. Regular expression-based find/replace

The support for regular expressions in find/replace operations provides advanced search capabilities, enabling you to perform complex and flexible search and replace operations based on patterns.

5. Expanded features for HTML/CSS coding

Version includes smart auto-completion for HTML and CSS, text filling of HTML tags, HTML colour code highlighting, and the ability to show images within the editor area. These features can enhance productivity and efficiency when working with HTML and CSS files.

6. Improved UI and customization options

The later version may offer improvements in the user interface, such as a tabbed UI, customizable hotkeys, and split view options. These features can enhance the overall user experience and allow for a more tailored editing environment.

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