Fixing Blink Camera Blinking Green Light Issue

Fixing Blink Camera Blinking Green Light Issue

Blink cameras are renowned for their reliability and ease of use in the realm of home security. However, even these robust devices can sometimes encounter issues, with one of the most common being the blinking green light problem. In this guide, we will delve into the causes behind the Blink camera’s green light issue, outline the steps to diagnose and resolve it and shed light on the significance of other blinking and static colours you might encounter during this process.

Understanding the Blink Camera’s Indicator Lights

Before we dive into the solution, it’s essential to grasp the meaning behind the Blink camera’s indicator lights. These LED lights provide valuable insights into the camera’s status, aiding in troubleshooting:

Solid Green Light

Indicates that the Blink camera is connected to both local and internet networks without issues. This is the normal operational status.

Flashing Green Light

A blinking green light means there’s an issue with the camera’s internet connection. This issue can arise due to various reasons.

Things to Check Before Proceeding

Before attempting any troubleshooting, it’s crucial to rule out common external factors that could be contributing to the issue. Here are the preliminary checks to conduct:

Internet Connectivity

Verify your home Wi-Fi network is functioning correctly. Test other connected devices to ensure there are no connectivity problems.

Proximity to Router

Ensure the Blink camera is within an ideal range of the Wi-Fi router, ideally within 150 feet. Weak signals can lead to connectivity issues.

Blink Server Status

Check if there’s an ongoing Blink server outage by visiting the DownDetector website. If many users report problems, it might be a server-related issue that requires waiting for Blink to resolve.

Steps to Fix Blink Camera Blinking Green Light Issue

If the preliminary checks do not reveal the cause, proceed with the following steps to diagnose and fix the blinking green light issue:

Power Cycle the Camera

Remove the batteries from the Blink camera for about 30 seconds, then reinsert them. Wait for the camera to reboot itself and check if the issue persists.

Reconfigure the Camera

In the Blink app, delete the problematic camera from your Blink system settings and then re-add it following the standard setup procedure.

Move Router Closer

If relocating your router is feasible, move it closer to the Blink camera or Blink Sync Module. This can significantly improve the signal strength.

Reboot Your Internet Router

Unplug your internet router for a short duration, then plug it back in. This simple action often resolves many connectivity problems.

Contact Blink Support

If none of the above solutions yields results, it’s time to reach out to Blink Support. They can provide advanced troubleshooting or arrange for a replacement if there’s a hardware issue.

Interpreting Other Blink Camera Indicator Lights:

While dealing with Blink camera issues, you might come across other LED colours besides green. Here’s what they signify:

Solid Red Light

Indicates that the Blink camera is not connected to the internet. You can try unplugging and re-plugging the camera to initiate a reconnection.

Blue LED While Recording

This blue light indicates that the camera is currently recording. You can turn it off through the Blink app settings.

FAQs – Blink Camera Guide

Q: My Blink camera is within range, but the green light blinks. What to do?

Try power cycling by removing and reinserting batteries. Follow the article steps if needed.

Q: Can weak Wi-Fi cause blinking green?

Yes, it can. Move closer to the router or use a Wi-Fi extender.

Q: Can I turn off the blue LED during recording?

Yes, in-app settings, except for some models.

Q: Why is there a red light on outdoor Blink cameras?

No Wi-Fi; try battery reset or re-add to the system.

Q: Are server issues causing the green light to blink?

Possible; check by attempting to log in; wait for Blink to fix it.

In Conclusion…

The blinking green light issue on Blink cameras is a common but manageable problem. By conducting preliminary checks, power cycling the camera, and making adjustments to your setup, you can often restore your camera to normal operation. Understanding the meaning of various indicator lights further aids in troubleshooting. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Blink Support to get your home security system back on track.



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