How to Fix BlendJet Flashing Red and Purple Lights

How to Fix BlendJet Flashing Red and Purple Lights

The BlendJet is a small, convenient blender that works ceaselessly to mix food to improve our quality of life. Interestingly, they are rechargeable and have several features that make mixing simple and convenient. For people who want to prepare smoothies while they’re on the road, Blender portable blenders are the ideal option. It’s depressing to see it malfunctioning, though the red or purple lights are flickering. The question of how to fix Blender Flashing red and purple is mostly wandering around.

If your Blendjet flashes red and purple when you’re attempting to blend things, it indicates that the battery is completely low. A Blendjet typically takes 90 minutes to charge completely. However, it is also seen in many cases that if it is flashing red the jar is not aligned with the base of your Blend Jet. If it has a solid red color, it indicates that Blendjet’s blades are clogged with food.

But don’t be alarmed, we own the answer to how to fix BlendJet’s red and purple lights.

BlendJet Flashing

Steps to Indicate Causes of Red and Purple Lights

Before moving forward, we should keep in mind some crucial steps to follow to fix the red and purple blinking of BlendJet.

a) Your jar isn’t aligned with your base if the red and purple flashing lights on your Blendjet are on. Screw your jar onto the base in a clockwise direction to correct this.

b) The arrow on the blender jar and the light on the base should line up.

c) A small magnet is placed on the jar and the base for safety, the blades need to be aligned properly for them to spin.

Causes and Solutions of Blend Jet Flashing Purple and Red Lights

When Blendjet flashes purple and red lights, it shows several reasons for this process. Some are mentioned below:

Low Battery

The battery issue is mostly reported by many Blender users, it’s battery life is short and does not meet the needs of users as they expect. Verify the BlendJet’s battery level or attach it to a wall outlet to begin charging.

The BlendJet flashing red and purple after charging could be caused by a dead battery that has to be recharged. The Blend Jet blender indicator will show red and purple when it is low on power or needs to be recharged. It will create a complete blue circle light indication that the Blend Jet blender is fully charged.

Your Blend Jet battery may be defective or damaged if it continues to light red or purple even after charging 1.5. To be certain of the prior battery’s condition, use a different battery.

Power Issue

Sometimes power issues may also cause the flashing of red and purple lights after charging. To ensure the blender is fully charged, use the original BlendJet USB charging cord and charge it for a minimum of 1.5 hours. Replace the charge with a new one if your Blend Jet battery is not fully charged after charging it for at least 1.5 hours. This is because the original charge may have been damaged.

Impair Battery

A defective or damaged battery may display odd behavior of Blendtec blender such as red and purple blinking after charging. Verify that the Blendtec Blender battery is in good condition by checking for defects or damage. If the battery needs to be fixed or replaced because it has gotten damaged, do so. You can get assistance and possibly a battery replacement by contacting customer service help.

Take off the old battery by opening the Blender lid. Make sure the replacement battery is firmly and securely inserted. Before using the blender, let it fully charge.


Your Blendjet Blender may flare red and purple after charging if it overheats from a longer charge for almost more than 1.5 hours. You don’t need to worry about anything in this situation. Simply wait ten to fifteen minutes for your Blend Jet blender to cool down before attempting to use it.

Remember that the overheating of your blender may have an adverse effect on its operation. Furthermore, the blender may begin to malfunction, including not turning on, not charging, or not working at all. Thus, take care not to overheat your blender.

Blendjet red light

Internal Damage Issue

In many cases, it is also noted that red and purple flash also appears due to internal problems of the Blendjet blender. Motor burning, unfit jars to motor, and jam blades are all contributed to flashing red and purple lights.

Take the appropriate action to remedy any internal problems if there are any inside the blender. Take your Blend Jet to a professional technician if necessary.

Jammed Blade

Make sure the blender Blade of your Blender is not jammed by checking them.

If blades are damaged they need to be replaced. Blades may prevent Blendjet from operating if they are not properly cleaned after blending. If you use your blender without cleaning it, it can clog the blades.

To prevent the blender’s blade from jamming, try to use relatively soft ingredients and don’t overload it. Examine the blade for any food particles or debris, and clean them as needed.

Resetting Blender

Attach the blender to the wall outlet to begin charging, try resetting it by holding down the power button for ten seconds if it still won’t turn on. Resetting a Blendjet Blender can sometimes resolve certain frequent problems.

A Blendjet may be reset quite simply. Sometimes, purple light also shows due to locking. In this case, press and hold the button for almost three seconds. When the light stops blinking, release the button. Reset the device and then recharge the battery to check if the problem has been fixed.

Motor Issue

The motor is essential to the blender’s continued operation. A burning motor is indicated when the blender emits an electrical or burnt odor. The blender-burning motor is the worst possible outcome.

To prevent this issue, you should replace the burned motor. With your Blender, remove the cover and roll over the base. Now take your Blendjet Blender apart to see if there is any need for motor replacement. Subsequently, the motor needs to be unscrewed and replaced.


In conclusion, if the Blendjet flashing red and purple lights, the battery is probably low and needs to be charged. Assume that even after charging, the red and purple flashlights continue. If so, there might be a problem with the internal circuitry or battery, and getting in touch with customer support is advised for more help.

Always consult the user handbook for advice and techniques on troubleshooting. You can use this Blend Jet Blender’s convenience and functionality if you take good care of it and take quick care of any problems. Remain energized and keep blending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is it necessary to use Blend Jet Blender when it is fully charged?

No, you can use your BlenJet Blender while charging. If you need the best performance of your port then it is necessary to use it after fully charging.

Q2.What is the battery life of BlendJets Blender?

It depends upon the usage frequency. It is also seen that it lasts about a week of use with regular blending.


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